Serbian Armed Forces
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Founded 1838
Current form 2006
Service branches Serbian Army

Serbian Air Force and Air Defense
Naval Forces of Serbia
Serbian Training Command

Headquarters Belgrade, Serbia
Wars fought Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885

Russo-Turkish War
First Balkan War
Second Balkan War
World War I
Second Kosovo War
Serbo-Montenegrin War
Serbo-Macedonian War
Second Bosnian War
Central War

Commander-in-Chief Svetozar Lazarević
Minister of Defense Božidar Delić
Chief of Staff Nikola Poplašen
Military age 15-59
Conscription 18
Fit for military service ~20,250,000
Reaching military age annually  ???
Active personnel ~250,000
Reserve personnel ~20,000,000
Budgets  ???
Percent of GDP  ???

The Serbian Armed Forces (Serbian: Војска Србије) is the the official armed service of Serbia. It consists from 20,000,000 battle-ready men and women, who are either conscripts or volunteers, and around 250,000 professional troops.


The Commander-in-Chief is the president of Serbia.

Highest unit of military organization and authority of the military is Serbian General Staff.

The tactical and operational command is separated into the arms, consisting of the the:

Branches of Serbian Armed Forces are:

  • the infantry,
  • armored units,
  • artillery,
  • engineering,
  • air defense artillery missile units,
  • aviation,
  • navy
  • river units,
  • electronic reconnaissance and warfare.

Services of Serbian Armed Forces are:

  • human resources,
  • intelligence,
  • security,
  • communications,
  • informatics,
  • nuclear-biological-chemical,
  • air reconnaissance and reporting,
  • geodetic,
  • legal,
  • financial and
  • meteorological and navigational service.
  • technical,
  • procurement,
  • medical,
  • transport,
  • vet,
  • construction service.

Military ranksEdit

The military ranks of Serbian military are divided in to four group: general ranks, officer ranks, NCO ranks and soldier ranks. Note that these ranks are for the general arms of Serbian military. The ranks of Navy are listed here.

Soldier ranksEdit

  • Private (Војник)
  • Lance Corporal (Разводник)
  • Corporal (Десетар)
  • Master Corporal (Млађи водник)

NCO ranksEdit

  • Sergeant (Водник)
  • Staff Sergeant (Старији Водник)
  • Staff Sergeant 1st class (Старији Водник I класе)
  • Warrant Officer (Заставник)
  • Warrant Officer 1st class (Заставник I класе)

Officer ranksEdit

  • Second Lieutenant (Потпоручник)
  • Lieutenant (Поручник)
  • Captain (Капетан)
  • Major (Мајор)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Потпуковник)
  • Colonel (Пуковник)

General ranksEdit

  • Brigade General (Бригадни генерал)
  • Divisional General (Дивизијски генерал)
  • General of the Army (Армијски генерал)
  • Vojvoda (Војвода)

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