Republika e Kosovës


Coat of Arms
Physical map of Kosovo
Period 2008-2016
Predecessor 1000px-Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia
Successor Serbia1 Serbia
Basic Information
Motto none
Anthem Europe
Capital Pristina
Largest city Pristina
Other cities Pejë, Prizreni, Mitrovicë
Demonym Kosovar
Government Parliamentary democracy
Presidents Fatmir Sejdiu (2008-2010), Behgjet Pacoli (2010-2012), Hashim Thaçi (2012-2016)
Area 10,908 km²
Population 5,750,000 (2013 est.)
Currency Euro, New Euro
Time zone CET, CEST (URC+1, UTC+2)
Internet TLD none
Calling code 381
Official language Albanian
National language Albanian
Regional languages Serbian, Bosnian, Turkish
Other languages none
Ethnic groups
Main ethnic groups Albanians, Serbs
Other ethnic groups Gorani, Bosniaks, Turks
State religion none
Main religion(s) Sunni Islam, Eastern Orthodoxy
Other religions Roman Catholicism

Kosovo (Albanian: Kosovë, Kosova; Serbian: Косово, meaning "Land of the Blackbird"), officially the Republic of Kosovo (Albanian: Republika e Kosovës; Serbian: Република Косово) was an unrecognized state and a disputed territory in the Balkans. It was self-declared and had de facto control over most of the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, while North Kosovo, the largest Kosovo Serb enclave, was still under the control of institutions of the Republic of Serbia. Serbia did not recognize the unilateral secession of Kosovo and eventually recaptured it and moved all pro-independence Albanians to Albania.