Republica Bucovina
Flag of RB


Coat of arms of Bukovina
Coat of Arms
Bucovina Republic
Location of the Republic of Bucovina (green) within the borders of modern Bukovina (light green)
Period 2010
Predecessor Romania1 Romania
Successor Flag of Bukovina Bukovina
Basic Information
Motto none
Anthem Deşteaptă-te, române!
Capital Suceava
Largest city Suceava
Other cities full list
Demonym Bucovinian
Government Parliamentary democracy
Presidents Mihail Fansecu (2010)
Area 10,704 km²
Population no data
Currency Romanian leu
Time zone EET, EEST (UTC+2, UTC+3)
Internet TLD none
Calling code 40
Official language Romanian
National language Romanian
Regional languages Russian, Hungarian
Other languages German
Ethnic groups
Main ethnic groups Romanians, Russians
Other ethnic groups Hungarians, Germans
State religion none
Main religion(s) Eastern Orthodoxy
Other religions no data

Republic of Bucovina (Romanian: Republica Bucovina) was a short-living country in Central Europe and is one of the two countries that united into today's Bukovina (the other being the Free Republic of Bukovina). Republic of Bucovina was the country that suggested the formation of the modern Bukovina.

Republic of Bucovina declared independence from Romania in February 2010. At about the same time, the Free Republic of Bukovina proclaimed independence from Ukraine. In August 2010 the two countries united into the modern Bukovina. Republic of Bucovina was an unrecognised country till the end of July 2010, when Romania was split between Hungary and Moldavia, who both recognised it as a sovereign country.

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