"Oj, svijetla majska zoro" (Serbian: Ој, свијетла мајска зоро, "Oh, Bright Dawn of May") is the unofficial anthem of SAO Crna Gora, Serbia. Formerly it was the state anthem of Montenegro and a popular folk song of the Crnogorci, with many variations of its text. The oldest one is dated to the second half of the 19th century, known as "Oh, Bright Dawn of Heroism, oh!", a popular Serb folk song.

The current text of the anthem is a combination of all versions of the song written by Svetozar Lazarević, Prime Minister of Serbia. It was proclaimed an anthem by the Assembly of Serbian Tribes of Crna Gora and Brda on July 25, 2017.

Current lyricsEdit


Ој, свијетла мајска зоро,

Мајко наша Црна Горо!

Синови смо твог стијења

И чувари твог поштења.

На твојим се врлетима

Разби сила душманима.

Једина си за слободу

Ти остала српском роду.

Ловћен нам је олтар свети,

У њега смо сви заклети.

На Ловћену Његош спава,

Најмудрија српска глава.

Ловћен красе Петровићи,

А Косово Обилићи.

Ловћен краси гроб Његошев,

А Косово гроб Милошев.

Ко то каже, тај се вара,

Црна Гора да је мала!

Црна Гора јес' малена,

Ал' је часна и поштена!

Дурмиторе, јел' ти жао

Што се Ловћен опјевао?

-Не, нека га, нек' се пјева,

Заслуга је Његошева!

Листај горо, свјетај цвјеће,

Црна Гора у бој креће!

Дат' ће Бог и света мати

Да се једном све поврати.

Ко се стиди ове пјесме,

Заиграти оро не см'је!

Ко се стиди поријекла,

Вазда рђа довијека!


Oh, bright dawn of May,

Our mother Crna Gora!

We are sons of your rocks

And keepers of your honesty.

On your mountains,

Broke the force of the enemy.

Only you have left for the freedom

of the Serb kin.

Lovćen is our holy altar,

We're all sworn in it.

On Lovćen Njegoš sleeps,

The wisest Serbian head.

Lovćen is decorated by the Petrovići,

and Kosovo by the Obilići.

Lovćen is decorated by the grave of Njegoš

and Kosovo by the grave of Miloš.

Who says that, he is wrong,

that Crna Gora is small!

Crna Gora may be small,

but it is honorable and honest.

Durmitor, are you sorry

That Lovćen became famous?

-No, let it be, let it sing

Thankful for that is Njegoš.

Foil mountain, flower flowers,

Crna Gora goes to battle!

God will give and the Holy Mother

That everything is once returned.

Who is ashamed of this song

He may never play the oro!

Who is ashamed of his origins,

May he rot forever!