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What Alternate History Really Means

NOTE: This paragraph is not mine, but someone elses from the original Alternate History wiki; I am not the author of the following text:

Many people claim that if it didn’t happen, it couldn’t happen, or that if it had certain pros and cons they would always stay that way for a person, people's, or nation's entire history, even if certain developments change the entire time frame forever, that no matter what, they are stuck with those problems for eternity, and I personally think that’s a load of, well I wont say that yet, maybe later. People think that if you lost, you were born to lose, even if one inch forward could have made you win. Well things are not always like that, and I don’t think they always have. Yes, some people have been destined to lose a fight, like Japan against the nuke, they were gonna lose no matter what after the US got te atomic bomb, but if one of those scientists had been absent one or two days, we might never have had the bomb in time, and been forced to sign a conditional peace treaty with Japan. But my main focus right now isn’t about Japan in WW2, or Japan at all, it's about alternate history itself, thats what alternate history means, it may not have happened, but it could have.

Our Goal And Charter

I hope this wiki will grow better and faster than its predecessor, Alternate History Wiki, which had started out fine but now has two many power hungry lieutenants and leaders that can and actually do ban someone just because they were being a little on the implausible side, or some people actually had more than one account, just because on froze one day and they wanted to still participate, created another one and got instantly banned for sockpuppetting when they weren't doing it on purpose, this wiki is meant to be the new Alternate History Wiki, and we hope that you will help us make it that.

Our Policy on Being Banned

To be banned, you must excessivly sockpuppet, be inappropriate (you know what I mean), or try and hack the site. If you are about to be banned, you will be notified 24 hours before the ban goes into effect so that you may explain yourself, and possibly reduce or get rid of the ban altogether.

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