Ethnic cleansing of Romani in Pčinja
2013 anti-gypsy Serbia1
A Romani house burning near Bosilegrad


SAO Pčinja, Serbia


August 23 and 24, 2013

Attack type

Ethnic cleansing


4,981-6,000 Romani people




Serbian National Party "ZBOR"

The ethnic cleansing of Romani people in SAO Pčinja, Serbia took place on August 23 and 24, 2013, when the supporters of the Serbian National Party ZBOR attacked the members of Romani community all across SAO Pčinja. Lots of houses were burnt down and most of the Romani families moved to Raška, where the police was dispatched to prevent Muslim extremists to attack Serbian orthodox population in the region. Estimates of those killed range from between 4,981, the official count of the government, and 6,000 people, with most outside reports estimating around 5,500 dead.

After this attack, the Serbian government started to persecute members of SNP ZBOR. This action was called "Operation DeZBORification", and it resulted in capturing of around 4,000 skinheads, neo-nazis, white nationalists and ZBOR members.

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