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Fashoda War Edit

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The Fashoda War was a war between the United Kingdom and the French Third Republic. Having begun over a dispute over a region of Egypt, attempts at diplomacy failed and a colonial war erupted. 


The Fashoda War began after French surveyors were sent to spread influence over Egypt. However, British imperial interests conflicted with French interests. Despite attempts to solve the situation diplomatically, the situation broke out into war


The failure of diplomacy led to the French Prime Minister calling the French navy to attack British Egypt in December 1898. However, the much larger British navy was able to repel these attacks and in fact attack French colonies like Algeria. Coastal regions of Algeria were in fact invaded by British troops.  This caused France to sue for peace, leading to a British victory and British influence being spread in Egypt. The massive British fleet was, of course, too powerful for France to defeat. In the Treaty of London, Britain was assured influence in Egypt and Sudan.


The growing Anglophilia in France and Francophilia in Britain died almost overnight. Britain grew closer to Prussia and an alliance against France grew between the two nations. The growing Anglo-French relations died overnight.

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